Red Flags of Technology Abuse and Control


  1. Constantly check your phone, voicemail, caller ID, or answering machine to see who called you, who you’ve called, and who you’ve received messages from?

  2. Check your email or instant message log to see who you’ve been chatting with online?

  3. Damage, break, or steal technology that you need to assist with daily living or to do your schoolwork or job?

  4. Call or text constantly throughout the day to see where you are and/or who you’re with?

  5. Install spyware or other computer software to monitor your online activity?

  6. Send forged, inappropriate, or sexually explicit messages to your friends from your account?

  7. Dictate who and how many “friends” you can have on your instant message / My Space / Facebook account?

  8. Post inappropriate or sexually explicit messages on your website or blog?

  9. Post false profiles about you on online dating sites or your school’s alumni site?

  10. Call at all hours, waking you up, interfering with your daily activities, and getting angry if you don’t answer immediately?

  11. Hack into your bank accounts, phone accounts, credit card accounts, or other accounts without your knowledge and permission?

  12. Stalk you by monitoring your location through the use of a “friends” plan on your cell phone or GPS or a similar technology?

  13. Harass you through email or IM using anonymous email addresses and screen names?

  14. Isolate you by cutting off your internet or phone service, or other access to technology without telling you?

  15. Dictate what technology you’re allowed to use and when you’re allowed to use it?


If you are experiencing any of this and need help, call the Resource and Crisis Center 24-hour Hotline:


Local 409-765-SAFE (7233)   

Toll Free 1-888-919-SAFE (7233)


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