Admin- (409) 763-1441 

Hotline- (409) 765-7233  or  (888) 919-7233


Executive Director 

Executive Director- Tacconi, Selah



Finance Director-  Brockway, Rita

Accounting Assistant-  Tucker, Tina

Accounting Assistant-  Palmer, Cathy

Grant Compliance Coordinator-  Spencer, Beth

Outreach & Prevention 

Director of Outreach & Prevention-  Wilhelm, Amber 

Volunteer Coordinator- Tan, Samantha

Fund Development
Director of Development- Hughes, Katherine
Client Services
Deputy Director Client Services- Mark, Marie
Client Services Manager- Williams, Tobi

Therapeutic Services  

Clinical Services Director-  Adams, Taylor

Crisis Therapist- Perez, Janna

Crisis Therapist- Hernandez, Cynthia

Crisis Therapist- Creecy, Nicoallette 


Sexual Assault Services   

Lead Crisis Intervention Specialist-  Ogundana, Renee

Crisis Intervention Specialist-  Lazo, Rose

Crisis Intervention Specialist-  Morales, Tina

Legal Services  

Attorney- Neill, Charlie

Non Residential Services  

Outreach Case Manager-  Amaro, Laura

Outreach Case Manager-  Butler, Robert

Outreach Case Manager- Salinas, Rosa

Outreach Case Manager- Myers, Molly

Residential Services  

Resident Case Manager- Douglas, Pamela

Resident Case Manager- Omokoya, Jennifer

Child Advocate- Redding, Amy

Hotline Specialist-  Guerrero, Heather

Lead Resident  Advocate- Stovall, Sarah

Resident Advocate- Davis, Lorin  

Resident Advocate-  Parker, Veronica 

Resident Advocate- Smith, Janey

Resident Advocate- Randle, Rachel

Resident Advocate- Jarmon, Inez

Resident Advocate- Hathorn, Alyssa

Facilitates/Kitchen Manager- Tucker, Cody
RCC Resale 

Senior Resale Manager- Martinez, Jessica


Galveston Resale

Resale Manager-  Petty, Vicki 


2025 Broadway 

Galveston, TX  77550 

Monday - Saturday 10a-6p | Sunday 12p-4p


League City Resale 

Resale Manager-  Gonzalez, Gabby


150 N. Gulf Freeway   

League City, TX  77573 

Monday - Saturday 10a-6p | Sunday 12p-4p


La Marque Resale 

Resale Manager-  Henderson, Dana


12007 Delaney Road 

La Marque, TX 77568 

Monday - Saturday 10a-6p | Sunday 12p-4p

RCC Home Store 

Resale Manager- Petty, Vicki


1708 23rd Street

Galveston, TX 77550

Monday - Saturday 10a-6p | Sunday Closed

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