Last year, the programs and services offered by the Resource & Crisis Center reached many men, women and children in our community. Last year alone, RCC worked with 1,503 new victims seeking support through an indcident of family violence or sexual assault. The Resource & Crisis Center staff and volunteers also accompanied 146 victims through medical exams following an assault.

Client Stories

"Thank you for all your support and for believing in me. I would not have made it this far without the support of RCC."


-Non-Residential Client,  October 2016

" I got into a toxic relationship for almost 2 years. I wanted love, even if it was fake. I wanted to be a part of something or someone.  I finally called the hotline. They told me how to leave and that they had a bed for me. Even though I hadn't met them, they cared. When I arrived, they showed me that they were there for me. They cheered me on, they helped keep me motivated and they made me feel like family. The staff showed me love and I am so grateful. Because of them, I have been able to start a new life."


-Residential Client, December 2016

"Who you are when you walk into through these doors is not who you'll be when you leave. These wall can give you a success story you'd never believe. The key is to work for the next chapter you want to be written. You have to believe and don't give up. It takes hard work, self change and you have to push yourself to who you want to fully be. These walls, this house, can change your life only if you let it. Keep pushing, better days are coming."


-Residential Client, November 2016

"I was beaten, choked and left homeless. I was relocated by another shelter to Galveston, where RCC took me under their wings. They clothed me, fed me and listened to me. They encouraged me to not feel bad about my life changes and said that they were there to help. After three weeks in shelter, and my faith in God, I am now employed full-time and have a furnished apartment.  "


-Residential Client, January 2017

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