Frequently Asked Questions about RCCGC Resale


Is my donation to RCC Resale tax deductible?

RCC Resale is owned and operated by the Resource and Crisis Center of Galveston. It is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All items donated to RCC Resale are tax deductible.

Clothing and household items donated to charity must be in good used condition or better in order to be tax deductible. It is the donor’s responsibility to keep a written record of the itemized list of the donation and the value. RCC Resale does not determine the fair market value of items donated, as our staff members do not list or confirm each individual donation. According to the IRS, these items should be valued at fair market value for a deduction. For information and guidelines on valuing your donation, consult IRS publication 561.


How do I get a donation receipt?

When you bring your donated items to RCC Resale, a Team Member will offer you a receipt. 


How do I prepare my donation for pick-up?

Your donation should be ready for pick up at the scheduled time. Our drivers are not allowed to disconnect any cords or power sources or dismantle any items.

How do I cancel a scheduled pick-up?

Please call as soon as you know you need to reschedule. Our truck drivers carry cell phones so can be contacted while they are on their assigned route. We will appreciate you saving us time and gas by cancelling even at the last minute. We will be more than happy to reschedule your pick-up time to one that is convenient for you.


How can I get furniture or other large items picked up?

RCC Resale accepts large items. We operate a pick-up service for all areas of Galveston County. The truck will go beyond Galveston County on a case by case basis. Please speak with a Team Member for more information.

What does RCC do with my donation?  

RCC Resale, at its discretion, utilizes donated items in the manner that most benefits the agency. Items may be dispersed for shelter, office or client use. Items that cannot be utilized within the scope of providing program services will be sold in one of the 3 resale shops.


What do I do with items you don’t accept?


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